Join your peers and colleagues in San Francisco to gain insight and perspective on why molecular liquid biopsies have the potential to become a fulcrum in the future of precision medicine.

This is an unprecedented time in biomolecular medicine. Recent scientific findings have determined biofluids consist of circulating cell-free (ct)DNA and extracellular (ex)RNA from multiple tissues within the body. In addition, the rapid development of highly sensitive and accurate next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies has empowered researchers to analyze the role of these biomolecules in health, disease and treatment response. However, there remains considerable insecurity associated with biofluid-based DNA/RNA analytical methods which must be solved before liquid biopsies can be implemented for broader routine applications.

Keynote Speakers

Ellen M. BeasleyEllen M. Beasley, Ph.D.,

Senior Vice President, Product & Services Research & Development, Business & Product Development, Genomic Health, Inc.

Steven A. SoperSteven A. Soper, Ph.D.,

Professor, Biomedical Engineering & Chemistry, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Muneesh TewariMuneesh Tewari, M.D., Ph.D.,

Associate Professor, Internal Medicine and Biomedical Engineering & Ray and Ruth Anderson-Laurence M. Sprague Memorial Research Professor, University of Michigan Health System